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Equestrian Stables and Horse Barns


HQ Construction has 12 years of experience in pole barn construction, specializing in sheet metal work for nearly two decades. We offer most general contracting services in the Norwalk, Iowa, area, and for any we don’t, we’ll help you find a highly qualified service provider to meet your needs.

HQ Construction provides building services that include but are not limited to:

  • Agricultural buildings (pole barns, sheds, workshops)
  • Residential storage buildings (garages, sheds, heated storage)
  • Equestrian buildings (horse barns, arenas, and boarding facilities)
  • Commercial buildings (warehouse, heated storage, retail)

By teaming with Wick Buildings, we use only the highest-quality building materials including:

  • Machine graded or machine evaluated lumber
  • Full-hard steel, 82,000 PSI hardness or better
  • Color-matched screws—no nails—to screw down all exterior steel
  • Akzo Nobel Ceram-a-Star 1050 paint (warranted not to chip or crack for 40 years)

To get started, check out the Wick 3D build-it program, where you can easily and quickly create a sample build, selecting colors, size, layout, accessories and more.



Pole Barn Construction

The strength of the structure starts with its foundation, which in the case of a post-frame building are the laminated columns. The columns carry the weight of the building, providing the “legs” that support and stabilize everything above ground.

Like most building materials, laminated wood columns come in different strengths. It’s important to understand that size alone doesn’t measure the strength of a column; there are several factors involved:

• type of lumber used (visual grades or machine graded)

• method of laminating the column (stitched or glued)

• stitching (and plating) pattern for lamination

Wick uses only machine stress rated (MSR) lumber that meets a minimum strength requirement for all column lumber material, both in-ground treated and above ground untreated. Wick also utilizes an optimal stitching pattern with a 4 foot overlap and plates when splicing long columns. This construction method, when combined with the machine graded lumber, results in columns that are at least 75% stronger than columns utilizing #1 or #2 visually graded lumber.

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Design your building in 3D


Design your building in 3D!

Select a building type and initial design with our 3D Building design tool. You can then use the tool to customize the building to meet your exact needs. When you are done, your plans will be sent to HQ Construction. We will contact you with an estimate for your created building. GET STARTED NOW!